Artbox turned 40!

For our 40th anniversary party Menno Fokma created a festive invite.


Paper craft and conceptual storyteller Cris Wiegandt knows how to stand out. Cris was approached by Johanssen + Kretschmer Strategische Kommunikation GmbH to conceptualize and create five crafts for the Veolia Sustainability Report 2015.

90 Jahre Wirtschaftswoche

For the 90 years of Handelsblatt/WirtschaftsWoche we were asked to create The 90 Jahre Film. A dance movie where the viewer is led through an audiovisual journey that depicts the financial market of the last 90 years.

NS check-out alert

Spotted all over town: the simple yet bold illustrations Dannes made for NS, commissioned by N=5. The posters promote a new service initiated by the railway organization to remind their travelers to check out.