Phonak - Life is on

Phonak believes in changing lives and creating a world where ‘Life is on’ for everyone. We are so happy to have gotten the opportunity to tell the story of Phonak together with Hugo Goudswaard. Hugo's signature fits Phonak perfectly and we had an absolute blast working together with everyone on this project!

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New artist: Dani Blazquez

Dani Blazquez is a Spanish illustrator who is inspired by pop culture, popular icons and the aesthetics/graphic style of the 80’s/90‘s. His work is mainly a mixture of traditional graphite drawing and digital color & adjustments. We're happy to welcome Dani to the Artbox family!

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True Value by Izhar Cohen

Our beloved Izhar Cohen for the magazine FS Update, KPMG Financial Services. The True Value of a company is based upon a combination of the social and the financial ingredients.

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Ollanski for ZETLAND magazine

Ollanski's gif animation/illustration is featured on the Danish ZETLAND magazine.. Loving this style and excited to see more to come!

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Plofkipjes "THE SEQUEL"

Another animation by Kingcoma which shows the terrible conditions chickens have to go to before they.... well you know. Lets all try and eat less meat.

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