New artist: Sjoerd Verbeek

Sjoerd creates powerful, clean and simple illustration, set design, icon design and identities. Always with love and precision. We're thrilled to work with him and share his multi-facetted talent with our clients! Take a look at his portfolio page and see for yourself why we're so excited..

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Odd illustrations

Why design a logo when you can work with amazing illustrators to show your true colors? Exactly.. The Oddshop approached us to create "odd" illustrations and our talented artists Jenue, Zenk One, Dusk, Oscar Llorens and Lucky Dubz created some pretty amazing interpretations..

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Portfolio update: Eric Smilde

We added some great new work to Eric Smilde's portofolio. Eric is a designer fascinated by all things digital. He's a self-taught designer who started with pixels, then figured out how to arrange vector shapes, but what really gets him going are polygons, points and vertices in 3D space.

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Portfolio update: DUSK

DUSK was lucky enough to be asked to create a series of images based on Chanel’s classic perfume fragrance Chanel N°5. Reinterpreting the iconic bottle silhouette as you can see. Browse trough Dusks portfolio page for more eye-candy..

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Portfolio update: Eduardo Bertone

Eduardo Bertone keeps us smiling with his wonderful and happy illustrated worlds.. Take a look at his portfolio page for some fresh work.

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Bertolli illustrations

Creating tasty illustrations requires serious skill.. Sylvan Steenbrink just raised the bar and has us simply drooling over the work he developed for the new butters of Bertolli. Be prepared for some serious cravings...

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